So yeah, you could totally fuck your life up all by yourself. It fascinates me. Because sometimes I wonder — what's everyone holding on to anyhow? This life. This existence. Why does everyone think this life they built for themselves is so fucking special? It's probably not. Do you really think if your entire life fell apart... no job, no spouse, no money, no whatever... that you couldn't go get a new life? You wanted one so bad. Of course you could. The fucking Hulk could get one every week. A whole new life. You ever see that old Hulk TV show? Fucking Bruce Banner, or whatever the fuck his name was, would walk to a town before the first commercial break, he'd have a job in a restaurant and be fucking some broken down waitress. In one commercial break! And that guy turned into a big green monster. He could get his shit together and you couldn't? Of course you could. One life ends. Another one begins. Shit! Maybe the next one would be fifty times cooler. Maybe. Maybe it'd suck. Eh, it would probably suck. One way to find out.
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