Water Plant (Precipitation/Inundation) Level: 7 Components: V,S,M Range: l" CT: 7 rounds Duration: Special ST: None AE: 1 small plant Explanation/Description: Casting this spell calls into existence an extradimensional watering can, which functions as a conduit between the Prime Material plane and the plane of elemental Water. Water flows through the can onto a plant at a rate of one pint per segment per level of the caster (so high-level spell-casters are getting into trouble already). As it happens, Nimrod never got around to formulating the incantation to dismiss the watering can or to stop the flow of water, and no power short of a wish can divert the spout of the can from the plant it was summoned to water. The material component for this spell is one small potted plant, preferably one of little value to the caster.
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