What do you want? Tell me! What do you want to hear? I'll tell you anything. You want me to feel something? You tell me what you want me to feel and I'll feel it! What do you want? You want me to perform for you? You want me to... uh... act free and wild? You want me to dance naked? What else? You want me to be scared of you? Do you want me to freak out? Are you happy now? Am I fucked up enough for you? Oh, but maybe it's my soul you want? Okay, let's start with my secrets. What do you want to know? I hate myself. I can't stand who I am. I don't like being touched! I hate the feeling of a man inside me! Did I fuck my boss! Yes! I did! Did I like it? No! I didn't! Do I have orgasms? NOOOOO! NEVER!
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