Truth is inadequate at the best of times but even more so when it comes to describing the Shadowy Mr. Evans. He can only be comprehended as the subject of a complex system of claim and counterclaim, rumor and denial. Some insist that he is, in fact, the first Adversary, the slinking Snake of Genesis, the true Serpent of Eden and the Tempter of Man. Others, while accepting this loony nonsense, add that the Serpent must be understood as the bringer of knowledge. The Serpent, which sheds its skin, is the symbol of life and rebirth. Sperm-serpent packed with DNA species-intelligence, who struggles with the repressive God of matter. Samael/Ialdabaoth/JHVH. Others refuse to acknowledge the existence of the Shadowy Mr. Evans, but they still cannot explain their vague dread of the words "kneecap", "singlehanded", "sheet music", and "lottery", for these are the words of power by which the shadowy Mr. Evans can be summoned. Nevertheless, the Shadowy Mr. Evans is real. Lord of Meaningless Mottoes, sworn enemy of the Grand Old Dukes of Nothing in Particular, he dwells at length in his dreamy Library of Dust Spiralling through the frayed edges of adolescent daydreams in darkened rooms, his house is a torture chamber filled with potpourri and spidery lace. Writing lovesongs for jangling guitars in the antique dusk, he is the Certain Someone, the Duende, the Anti-critic and the Dizzy Wet Schoolmaster. And now, by crikey, he's coming back!
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Quote is from the first page of issue 47 in Doom Patrol by Grant Morrison.
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