I was thinking the other day. No matter who you are, or where you are... you could completely destroy your life in forty-five minutes. You could. You know how you spend all your time in the world trying to build something for yourself? Whatever that life is... whatever your goals are... all day long you work on that goal. Some people it's just making ends meet... some people work to accumulate a fortune... some people marry the perfect person for themselves and work to keep that going. Some people have kids, some people obsess over the corporate ladder, some people go into business for themselves. Whatever the goal or lifestyle is, whatever you've put together for yourself over the years, whatever you've built, I'm sayin' you could flat out destroy all of it... in a good forty-five minutes. Not with violence, or anything like that. No, no. I'm talking about words. I say you could do it with three well-placed sentences to the right people. And game over. Yeah. You could walk into work and tell your boss he is a fucking elevator button dick, and that you screwed his daughter on the copy machine. Career over. Doesn't matter if you're employee of the month. You say that? It's over. Then you go home and yell at your husband or wife or boyfriend or girlfriend... that he or she's a flabby cunt whore and that you fucked your boss' daughter on the copy machine, and laugh in his or her face. And you really have to do the part where you point in their face and laugh. And mean it. And marriage over. It's all over. Even if he or she makes you go to therapy and work through it. Won't work. It's over. You can't take that back. Sure, you could just not come home, you could tell your boss to fuck off and drive away. Sure. But that's not what's interesting to me. My point is all that work you put into your life... you could destroy it yourself. Done. Gone. And some people have done it. By accident. Slip of the tongue. I just think that's fucking fascinating.
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