Stone Breathing (Suffocation) Level: 6 Components: V,S Range: 0 CT: 6 segments Duration: 1 turn/lvl. ST: None AE: Personal Explanation/Description: This spell endows the spell-caster with the ability to breathe solid stone. Unfortunately, it also deprives him of the ability to breathe anything else for the duration of the spell. As a result, the spell-caster is likely to be in trouble unless he casts the spell while encased in solid stone (note, however, that the spell has an extensive somatic component). It is also possible for the spell-caster to survive the duration of the spell by sucking on a pebble. However, if this continues for more turns than the caster has points of constitution, he becomes befuddled and disoriented (a condition technically referred to as becoming "stoned").
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