To be quite honest, there's theoretically nothing you cannot do in this game. I once piloted my space cruiser, the SS Dirty Sanchez, to the remote world of Mems'agui, where I started up a successful lemonade stand and made millions of dollars through franchise expansion. Unfortunately, the Mems'agui police attempted to arrest me for smuggling heroin in the eye sockets of my white slaves, so I was forced to flee the planet and nuke it from orbit. Later that night, after I had shut off the game and retired to bed, I received a phone call from my mother asking me what happened on Mems'agui and what exactly I was up to there. In shock, I asked her how she found out about this. She explained that while I was playing the game, my every single exploit was being broadcast over CNN for the world to see! I was simply awestruck; Dr. Smart had truly thought of everything while creating this game! And to top it off, my mother's been dead for the past seven years! Is there anything this game can't do?
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submitted by zigmas, March 6, 2010 game review about the game Universal Combat. Made by Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (March 3, 2004).
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