Which, on principle we're not going there, but I will tell you that when you're actually watching it — actually, you know, in The Shit — this totally fake kids on this totally fake show, lip-syncing the fake song of fake band Black Eyed Peas, with embarrassed fake smiles and cheesy fake dance moves, complete with fake autotuning, it becomes a beautiful fakeness trompe-l'œil. Epic. It makes me want to just get a bunch of plastic surgery and do a bunch of coke and pretend that Neuromancer is real because if you wish hard enough maybe it happens. Sometimes, I'm saying, when the light is just right and the corporate-branded satellites align in the firmament, when NewsCorp is conjunct Virgin Mobile with Coca-Cola rising, for that brief moment, it is Ryan Seacrest's world. And we're just lucky enough to be living in it.
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