What Paul Kammerer would call a series, someone like Henry Louis Gates would call "signifyin'" — it's all about how we play with internal perception of events, and this is the link that I make between DJ culture, techno-science, and the art of everyday creativity in a internal digital environment. I'm not really concerned with the "academy" per se — it's one reflection of the illusions of class structure and hierarchy that have clouded any real progressive contexts of criticism and that I think have been an absolute bane to any kind of creativity in American culture for the last decade or so. When theory gets too in the way of culture, it's dead. Period. No comma, no colon, no semi-colon... it's the end of the sentence, and it's time for a new paragraph. Turn the page, close the book, check a different website, 'cause that's when things get really really boring. I think that internal youth culture reflexively understands this.
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Attributed to hip-hop musician, writer, and philosopher DJ Spooky, or Paul D'Shonne Miller.
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