Oh man, throw away those coupons. There's no such thing as a free lunch, and there's no such thing as a thirty-percent-free lunch. They just take it from you... in other ways... Same goes for sale items. Believe me, buying that stuff just lets them get you, strips away your protections. Why do you think poor people buy stuff on sale, but stay poor? Now, if you wanna get the deal you can't resist, make sure you negotiate it yourself, in person. You see a deal you like, take the coupon to a different retailer, force 'em to honor it. Or go to the original place, but leave the coupon at home, and then argue with them that everyone in the damn city got the flier, so why not give you the deal without the coupon? As long as you negotiate for the sale price, you've earned your discount and they can't exploit you — that's why the retailers get so irritated when you try it.
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