You are — no offense — exactly the kind of guy who cheats habitually. You're driven enormously toward monogamy because other things are 'wrong' — but your girl won't do something you like that's really important to you. You feel chivalrous and protective toward her, so you won't force the issue — you probably did once or twice, and it got really uncomfortable, so it's something you've learned to leave alone. Eventually, a moment of weakness strikes — you could be drunk, stoned, just tense, worked up, whatever. Accidents happen. They happen to everyone. It's just a matter of how you deal with them. You, and those like you, because you're so determined to be monogamous, will immediately tear into the other girl for it being her fault, and not breathe a word of it to your partner, because you don't want to hurt her. It's more important that she live in her illusions of security within the false pretext of a relationship you have set up, because you both rely on that construct for support. You'll eventually rationalise it — well, it was better that there was that one moment of weakness with that one girl, than there was some worse breakdown and disaster with the one I love. And then, once it's rationalised, it's much easier to let it happen again. And again. And again.
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