I love you, I love everyone, I go out with great love and respect. This is a great day to pass on. This so-called dying. This is a great day to approach this glorious event. Approach the present. Thy will be done. I love you all. Don't waste your time arguing and bickering. God loves you all. All that really matters is love. Love is the only thing for us. There is no closure without love. Forgive one another. You got to learn how to forgive and embrace one another. Be one. Our love is just like... it is the nectar of God. We have so much to give when we give out of our hearts. The heart is the wishing well that waters the tree. I wish and desire one thing. I wish only the best for all of you. I love the love in every man and child. Mankind is my family and tribe. I am ready grumah. A poet once said, "...is my country. There is no separation between you and me, there is no enemies, only family." I am a minister of love. I go out loving everyone and everything. God bless my... country. I shed tears of love may they nourish everyone. Stop killing start loving. Stop the violence. Let my death change society. You don't need any more killing. You don't need any minimum, maximum security, death row. You don't need the death penalty. We need more loving fathers and mothers. It is a good day to die. Take me God, hold me in yours and carry me home.
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