Listen: you can hear the screaming. Three children are trapped in an elevator with Bobby-Joe McCann. Harold Smith prowls the dog's home, a tire iron clutched in his bloodied fist. Maude Carillon screams with laughter as the flame devours the geriatric ward. Listen. Listen: you can hear the sobbing. On the freeway helpless weeping comes from the crash-sculpture of twisted, blistering metal, burning rubber, shattered glass. In the streets of New York, a group of fundamentalists know that this is the Armageddon; and they are still here, trapped on the earth. Bereft of their Rapture they weep for their abandonment by a suddenly distant God. In the radio room Nan Fowler knows she has no more ambulances to send, and the calls just won't stop coming in. Listen. Listen to the anguish of a world in which the bad things are coming out of the dark places. Listen to a world in pain. Listen. You can hear it.
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The Sandman, published by DC Vertigo. Comic title "Sound and Fury"
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