The important one — not always the first, but the most important — is the opposite gender. She (for my gender is male, never mind my sex) for me was the darkness, the rain, silence and silent laughter, the criticism which builds and the compliment which cuts. I fell in love with her at once, of course. It was a long time before I learned what this part of magic meant — before I realized that loving her didn't mean that she would come to me one night in the flesh, that I wouldn't find her in a supermarket or a seat behind me on the bus. Some then take her (or him, for now I discuss others and they find) to be a metaphor, something that must be grown past. I do think there is an element of growth involved, but not of growing 'past' so much. Instead, I learned that I will love her, forever, and never meet her. This is one of the most important things I have ever made part of myself.
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