I can't imagine what bullshit would transpire if I made my players try this. No, actually, I can imagine it. I can already hear their questions and jokes, stuff like "Hey, will fertilizer make my flower penis grow?" and "Hey, do we get weeds instead of crabs?" and "Hey, if I let my flower penis hang out, will bees try to pollinate it?" and "Hey, if the Wraeththu weren't too dumb to make movies, and they remade The Matrix, would Neo say 'There is no penis'?" and — of course — "Hey, what happened to my nutsack? Did it just fall off when I was incepted, because if it did, I'm grafting that motherfucker back on! And if it shrivelled back up into my crotch reverse-puberty style, I'm taking steroids til it drops again!"
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submitted by chaos, June 16, 2009
Commentary on the Wraeththu RPG used as a signature by Jason Sartin on the RPGnet forums.
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