I'm never getting married. You want an absolute? A sure thing? Well, there it is. Veronica Mars, spinster, old maid. Carve it in stone. I mean, come on. What's the point? Sure, there's that initial primal drive, hormonal surge, whatever you want to call it. Ride it out. Better yet, ignore it. Sooner or later, the people you love betray you, and here's where it ends up — fat men, cocktail waitresses, cheap motels on the wrong side of town. And a soon-to-be ex-spouse wanting a bigger piece of the settlement pie. That's where I come in. Twenty-two dollars an hour is cheap compared to the long-term fiduciary security sordid photography can secure for you, your offspring... your next lover. But do us a favor, if it's you in there: dispense with the cuddling. This motel tryst? It is what it is. Make it quick. That person sitting in a car across the street might have a calculus exam in five — make that four — hours, and she can't leave until she gets the money shot.
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