Here's a story about a German actress of profound beauty who, like Narcissus in the creaking legend, fell in love with a mirror. At the height of it all, she could imagine nothing more beautiful than what she saw in the mirror. Sometimes she would lie on the glass, naked, kissing and licking the beautiful, cold creature until she shuddered into delirium. Unfortunately, as time passed, her gorgeous mirror lover went away and was replaced by a crudely faked copy. (The stitching seemed awry, the lines clumsy and unsure.) Brokenhearted and full of fear, the actress plotted the murder of the mirror. In the end, she used battery acid, but the mirror's final cruelty was to show her a screeching, deformed face frozen in melting, bubbling glass. The actress put a gun in her mouth, blew away half her brain, and now lives on life-support in Bremen.
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