Hello, all you blue-eyed devils out there, waiting to break a poor girl's heart. I am Wicked Falina, the Mexican saloon girl. You remember me. I live a lot, I love a lot, just like they say in the movies, eh? I take your money, and I take your hearts. I spit in your eyes and make you love it, oh, how I make you love it. You may marry your blonde tooth-picks but you crawl on the floor for a chance to taste my toes. You love to hear me moan, you love to tie me to the brass bed and tickle me with your spurs, and when you leave I stay in your blood and burn your brains to ashes. I am Eve, I am woman, I am an epidemic in your empty lives. I can make you light a match and hold it until your hands catch fire. I can make you beg for more when you thought you wanted to watch the football game. I am the Queen of Paradise, the magical witch of the west, Snow Black the Virgin Whore, every man's brightest dark dream. I cannot heal, but I can make your wound attractive. And I will, oh, how I will. I am the sun, the moon, the flying carpet. I can solve nothing, but I can do it all. I am Wicked Falina. So hello. It's good to see you. I can't tell you just how good it is.
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