Hallucinatory Glamer (Affectation/Ostentation) Level: 3 Components: V,S,M Range: Touch CT: 1 round Duration: 2-12 days ST: Neg. AE: Creature touched Explanation/Description: The recipient of this spell will seem, to those with low intelligence or less, to be a person of great wealth and notoriety. The exact effects vary with the level of the caster. At highest levels, the recipient may appear to be a female entertainer who turns over cards bearing glowing runes and points at treasure, or a black-and-white terrier who party-hops with his entourage of coquettes; at lower levels, the recipient becomes either the overly made-up wife of a disgraced high priest or a Democratic presidential candidate. Monsters typically react to this dweomer by pestering the recipient for autographs, kidnapping him or her for ransom, or writing nasty things about the recipient for local tabloids. The material components for this spell include a fake fur, a string of rhinestones, and a bottle of Grecian Formula.
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