The fact is, I'm no Odysseus. I'd take a chair on Olympus and a chariot driven by mechanical bronze horses over scrabbling in the rocks in Ithaca every day of the week. I choose the interior world. I choose a quest. I choose magic. I choose invented histories. I choose epic battles between armies of wolves and spriggans. I choose witchcraft, ray guns, AI, and dark gods. I choose swashbuckling, cruel queens, and talking beasts. I choose cross-dressing orphan heroines. I choose unreliable narrators. I choose my friends. I choose endless space and alien worlds. I choose complex cultures in a range of species. I choose archaic skillsets and arcane religions. I choose sitting on that couch reading fabulously jeweled books and shoving possibilities into my head. I choose another future. I choose, if pressed, death — but hey, black looks good on everyone.
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Catherynne M. Valente, "Choose Life"
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