She discovered the pleasures of Data; he became her sexual pet... 'cause he's fully functional and anatomically correct! He's defiant — with his thrusters, he'll explode in your wormhole; and he'll rub his trusty spangler wrench on your warp core manifold. His multiphasic torpedo will penetrate your rift and cause a quantum singularity in your trans-warp conduit. His pelvis a tireless engine; he shakes it when he struts. He's full of dilithium crystals, in his bolts and in his nuts — he too likes to be pleasured, he'll put you on your knees, and if you're into disgrace, he'll cover your face with his android antifreeze. So if you're a filthy Horda, Data's your bestest bet... 'cuz he's fully functional... and anatomically correct!
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"Sexy Data Tango", by Aurelio Voltaire Hernández
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