"So how did you two get to be experts on the secret passages?" "We've worked here for twenty-seven years, man." "And they just told you about them?" "Naw, but when you're being chased and you need a place to hide — you learn what to look for." "Chased? By what?" "Duh. Giant spiders, sewer serpents, ghouls... It's a sewer. With tunnels to catacombs, too. What do you expect?" "Um... Most sewers don't have any of that stuff." "WHAT?!" "Really?! No albino squid?" "No!" "Hey, what about rats? Them giant glowing rats?" "No, little rats. 60 centimeters, tops." "...That's it? Wow.... That's a messed-up ecosystem, man." "Yeah, in those other sewers... what do the big monsters eat?"
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Comic Girl Genius by Phil Foglio
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