Curiosity is one of the greatest attributes of the human species. The inquiring mind, the puzzled "Hmm, that's odd, I wonder what makes that happen?" — this is the cornerstone upon which is built that which is most noble in us. Curiosity is the greatest homage to the wonder and mystery and delight in the universe that I can ever even begin to imagine. It is the impulse that drives us to be the thing that is most precious in all of creation: the part of the universe which understands itself. Intellectual curiosity is the most magnificent, the most beautiful thing which has ever existed or will ever exist; if there exists anywhere anything even remotely to the divine, it is curiosity. Curiosity uplifts us. It draws us out of the muck of mere survival and allows us — compels us — to be more than what we are right now. Curiosity is the most splendid and the most sublime of all human drives, and anyone who seeks to blunt the inquiring mind commits a sin against all humanity.
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