Why do they have condoms in the impulse buy section?? Is there a class of people who only practice birth control on a whim?? "Aw heck, maybe we'll try safe sex tonight! Already got 13 kids, maybe them's enough? Naw, the condoms is $3.99, that's way too much! We'll just have to keep fuckin' without contraception! Keep cranking out kids to justify our own existence! Pass the baton before the gun even goes off 'cause we can't be bothered to do anything with our own lives! Keep on fuckin' 'cause the smart people ain't reproducing enough!! Keep on fuckin' until the planet is entirely populated with lardass idiot hellspawn, until the earth itself can't stand it anymore and hurls itself screaming into the blessed inferno of the sun!! Humanity incinerates in the searing flames of reckoning!!! FIRE!! FIRE IS THE CLEANSER!!! JESUS!! I can't even buy groceries without ending up begging for the apocalypse!! That's it, no more leaving the hou-- AAAHH!! MURDEROUS RAMPAGE BECAUSE OF STUPID MAGAZINES!!!
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