It is composed of a high-density crystalized isotopic radille-mungstrum alloy shell, encompassing a core of liquified frezinge gas in constant rotative motion. Additionally, its components are bonded by powerful retro-enchantments which align their colloidal ignates into a cohesive vibratory fabric, which oscillates in time with the planar existential pulse. It emits a volatile anamorphic resonance field, which interfaces with the probability matrix that surrounds all sentient cerebral tissue. In doing so, it enervates the loose ions in the atmosphere, raining charged causality particles which deplete the consistency aura of the ambient matter. This in turn promotes the formation of localized singularity fronts within which the fundamental principles of biomechanical interdependence are loosened to the point where contained impossibility fragments make their way from the ethereal plane to the telluric, forcefully grafting themselves onto the closest available hosts and transubstantiating their innate augury. After this happens, biorhythm patterns shift in wildly contradictory directions, and become intertwined with that of distant extraneous entities, cause mass displacement on a short-range migratory scale or sometimes even scramble brainwaves at the sub-atomic level...
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