You change by changing, Ricky, you change by changing. You don't change by making pronouncements and declarations, or by deciding you want to change. Saying "I've changed" doesn't mean anything without the proof. If it's the same old same old, that shines through, like shit behind diamonds. Anyone can make an announcement. Announcements are easy, just as figuring out all the ways you've fucked up in your life is easy. But when you set it all out in a line like that, when you line it up and offer it as evidence that now it's all going to be different, well, Ricky, I just plain call bullshit on that. And you know, just because you say it's all going to be different, even if it was true, even if you became this new, evolved person you say you're going to be, that doesn't mean that all that shit you fucked up in the past just plain goes away, like an "I'm sorry" or an "I'll be different" means that everyone has to rush to you and hug you and forgive you and let you back in. Because if nothing else you have to prove it's real this time. And maybe even with that, some of the people you've screwed aren't going to trust you again no matter what, and maybe that's you and maybe that's them and maybe that's just life, but life isn't fair sometimes, Ricky, life just isn't fucking fair sometimes. Sometimes you have to move on, find some other people to hang out with, and hopefully they'll appreciate the Brand New You. For your sake, Rick, for the sake of the universe and all that is holy, I really do hope you're going to change. But this isn't going to cut it. It's not a light switch, you don't just say, "I've changed" and boom, there it is. That's a great first step, but it's a first step on a long fucking journey, a hard one. One where you'll be tempted to go on back to the way you were, one where you'll want to give up because you'll turn a corner just to meet up with someone who sees you and thinks, "Same old Ricky, same old fuckup Ricky". Or maybe they even say it. And that's when you'll know if you've changed. If you can look that person in the eye and not go back to how you were, if you can hold yourself to who you want to be. That's evidence. That's proof. That shows you're really changing. But not these announcements. These announcements, Ricky, they're bullshit. Unmitigated bullshit. You change by changing. It's as simple as that.
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