Be amoral. Have a clear knowledge of your goals. View any interaction as an exercise in problem-solving vis the achievement of those goals. Observe. Learn the games well, and know when to play them and when to bypass them. Project the type of demeanor which you wish to be perceived as having (d'oh). Think like a predator. Know when to push and when not to. Process-orient; don't worry about whether it'll work, just do it. Be selective. Never allow yourself to be seen as "safe". Care less than they do. Don't indulge in wishful thinking unless you're willing to make it happen; otherwise, if it's not going to work, drop it gracefully and move on. Never let any sort of failure faze you, and if it does, don't let it show. Listen. Learn. Be damned good in bed. Practice intermittent reinforcement; be neither consistently affectionate nor consistently insensitive. Develop a strong personal presence. Adapt to circumstances rapidly. When opportunity knocks, answer, dammit. And don't forget to be amoral.
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