African violet: Such worth is rare. Apple blossom: Preference. Bachelor's button: Celibacy. Bay leaf: I change but in death. Camelia: Reflected loveliness. Chrysanthemum, red: I love. Chrysanthemum, white: Truth. Chrysanthemum, other: Slighted love. Clover: Be mine. Crocus: Abuse not. Daffodil: Innocence. Forget-me-not: True love. Fuchsia: Fast. Gardenia: Secret, untold love. Honeysuckle: Bonds of love. Ivy: Friendship, fidelity, marriage. Jasmine: Amiability, transports of joy, sensuality. Leaves (dead): Melancholy. Lilac: Youthful innocence. Lily: Purity, sweetness. Lily of the valley: Return of happiness. Magnolia: Dignity, perseverance. An upside-down blossom reverses the meaning.
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